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Would you like to have your own Family Legacy Artwork?

I can create a custom piece of artwork to celebrate an anniversary, commemorate a special occasion, honor someone special or memorialize a loved one or pet. I will ask you to send me photos, memorabilia, anything that will help tell a visual story of the person or event you hold dear.

You will specify the size and format (horizontal or vertical) and supply a list of favorites i.e: if the piece is to honor a person, you will include their hobbies, interests, favorite wine, flower etc. If the piece is to commemorate a wedding you will include things that the couple shares together, and so on. I will find visuals to express some of the items on the list. All photos and listed items may not be used but are sent merely as suggestions and options. All photos will be returned in the same condition they are received. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. Price and freight charges will be discussed.

Email me by visiting the contact page of this site and include your phone number. I will contact you right away to discuss your wishes and we can get started.


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