Melissa Markell - Collage Artist

"Steady as she goes" 15X15, unframed

"Steady as she goes II " 15X15, unframed

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To order commission work, please contact Melissa Markell directly by email.

I have been creating mixed media artwork for over 15 years, creating several different styles of collage work, using paint as texture and background, handmade papers, inks, markers, artifacts, maps, vintage images and postcards and paper ephemera of all types.

Most of my work is done on commission for the hospitality industry, cruise lines, corporate offices, healthcare, restaurants and private collectors. I prefer to have a direction with my commission work. To convey in a visual sense the feeling, tone, event, locale or time frame that my client is looking for. For corporate clientele I will often use promotional materials supplied by the company and incorporate site specific materials to tell the story of where they are and what the company does. My work can help you travel around the world in a dimensional visual experience that is both playful and historical.

My Family Legacy Gifts are a visual experience of a family tree, anniversary, special occasion or event or to memorialize a loved one or pet. I use family photos, memorabilia and any number of textural applications, papers and 3-D objects to best express the family’s sentiment.

Many of my pieces are available for sale as original artwork. Any of the pieces can be re-created with custom images and information. I work in paper sizes from 10” x 10” to 40” x 60”. Wall murals can be any size needed to fit the space. I also work on board and canvas and in the case of the Staples Center mural (size: 7 ft. high x 24 ft. wide) I applied the work directly onto the wall.

Currently the following pieces are available  as giclĂ©e prints, unframed, for $65.00 each plus $10.00 packing and shipping.