Melissa Markell - Collage Artist

Achieve / Believe - 2005
from the Medical Series

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Collage artist, mixed media art, corporate commissions, private collections;
family legacy gifts

Melissa Markell - Collage Artist

“Perhaps the most unique and creative collage work seen in years.”

Melissa has been creating mixed media artwork for more than 15 years. You’ll see that she has been working with several different styles of collage work, using paint as texture and background, handmade papers, inks, markers, artifacts, maps, vintage images, postcards and paper ephemera of all types. She believes that we all possess several sides to your personalities and psyches. That there is not just one way to describe ourselves or to express ourselves. Our years of experience help to shape the intricate, complex and interesting people that we become.

The different artistic styles that she works in represents that diverse expanse of expression that she believes we all possess. Most of her work is done on commission for the hospitality industry, cruise lines, corporate offices, healthcare, restaurants and private collectors. She works with her clients for direction to convey in a visual sense the feeling, tone, event, locale or time frame that the client is looking for. For corporate clientele she will often use promotional materials supplied by the company and incorporate site specific materials to tell the story of where they are and what they do. Melissa’s work can help you travel around the world in a dimensional visual experience that is both playful and historical.

She has been commissioned by Staples Center in Los Angeles to create a 7 ft. by 24 ft. mural depicting local landmarks and events taking place at the arena, Merv Griffin’s Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel installing over 300 original works. She has worked with Amgen Pharmecueticals, Honda Corp., Toyota Motor Corp, Monaco Hotels, Princess Cruise Lines, Kaiser Healthcare Centers, St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco, Teleflora, Shades of Green in Florida and many more.

She is well known for creating personal Family Legacy Gifts where she will work with a client who needs something unusual for an anniversary, special event, birthday, special interest, family tree, a pet. She can use the client’s photographs and memorabilia along with materials that she collects to create a personalized work of art that will become a keepsake for years to come.

She works in paper sizes from 10" x 10" to 40" x 60". Wall murals can be any size needed to fit the space. She also works on board and canvas and in the case of the Staples Center mural it was applied directly onto the wall.

Many of the pieces shown on the website are available or can be recreated to your specifications.
Melissa currently lives in Ashland, Oregon and can be reached by phone at 541-292-6882 or via email.